Monday, May 23, 2011

Up date from Nunumalau, part 3

Among the topics that emerged in discussions in old Uatu-Lari on May 22 was that political situation is calm and several parties recently undertake their consolidation in the area. This is because part of the people are busy with ricefield, projects, and keeping up with their lives. The road project to from old Uatu Lari to Iralere is done by a construction company owned by a Gregorio, a Macadique person who has recently returned from Ireland after 8 to ten years with some cash and set up a construction company, bought equipments through financing, and bid for projects. He was awarded the road project and is absorbing a number Macadique youths to work in projects. Mostly those who made problems or the muturabus of the past. Since the projects is done within the community who speak Naueti and these youth speak Macasae, it is challenging how to  confront this environment in which they have to work with their counterparts of Naueti. The environment of hostilities that have stretched over decades depending on political conjecture. However, the project in it's fifth to nine months and no incidence of violence between them. Probably, this is another step forward. Emerging local entrepreneur helping youth moving forward by creating work, improving infrastructure, and helping to consolidate peace. This seems to be a complicated work and can only be delivered by giants but Gregorio is delivering it. What a major step forward...

As tense as maybe, there are also laughhable situations. It happens with the recent consolidation of CNRT in Naedala, Bebui. Miguel Laliu from Macadique was delivering invitations to other party leaders In the area. Laliu took extra caution by carrying with him his samurai (sword). One hand with Samurai and another with invitation, and there it goes Laliu going to handover invitations to party leaders. Got to a house of a 'radical leader', this person begin to shout. Laliu said, don't shout and don't come close, this is the invitation. Laliu said while another hand was ready to pull the samurai out from the case in case the other side came close.... Then Laliu moved on to another house and to another person....

Uatu Lari people being aggressive is well known. I remember back pre 1975, the Sunday bazar always ends with violence. As people start together selling their agriculture produce and other goods. The bazar period will be the day of festivity in the local area, the crowd is getting bigger toward mid day, especially after Sunday mass finishes. In the bazar, people wander around, youth trying to attract the attention of different sexes, futumanu, volley ball and many other activities. There is also tuaka drinkers around. Suddenly, boom people running around stepping on goods, Each other, and kids.... What happened? Oh there is a fight, one person was macheted. Tis episode could be repeated in bazar and so on. People like me and my generation in Uatu-Lari have seen these things recurring pre 1975. People also kill. Each other on the garden to'os because livestock entering in a garden or killing each other to control irrigation water source. The last ones often happens at night. 

Friends also raise rumors floating around saying that 'in the past we burned leave houses, government replaced with stone houses. What about just kill people, let's see whether tine government can replace.' I said that justice is keeping up with the process albeit slowly. Look also at the trial of VPM Luis Guterres. For those spreading these rumors to intimidate, record their names and addresses. So that at one point anything happens to you and others we can trace them and forward their names to policy and to the justice system. Whatever party you choose in 2012 elections depending on your choices, acting solely on your conscience without somebody out there terrorizing you to chose. I dont believe in these rumors but in the past we neglected until it happened. Raise this issue with local authorities and if possible ask for more police stations in the critical areas. 

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